Be it a rehearsal or live performance, performers have to manage their sheet music repertoire on their own, which in the absence of an incorporated system usually becomes difficult for amateur artists. Designed to aid the learning experience and performance potential of young musicians, the “Smartstand” by Australian designer Alex Lancuba is a portable music stand that includes a simple multi-touch interface and hands-free page-turning pedal to make sure that even amateur performers become fluent with the management of their sheet music library swiftly. Featuring a simple composition with a wireless sheet music distribution system, the portable music stand offers both technological and psychological assistance to keep the performers motivated all the time and ensure a captivating performance even from amateurs. 

Patriot Memory has announced the launch of a new USB 3.0 drive that is crazy fast and uses a single chip inside. The new flash drive is called the Supersonic and works with the USB 3.0 interface on computers today. The flash drive has a quad channel architecture and is very small and light.

You’ve got something important to do but your batteries are almost out of power. We’ve all been there and each of us has discovered ways to milk every ounce of power out of our devices. I’ve found power cycling my iPhone gives it a few more minutes, but what if someone could give your device a jumpstart? The Jump-Start CARD lets one device siphon off power from another. Yea, can’t decide if this is really useful.

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