A new Android based tablet, which combines a computer and monitor into one device, will be the next device to run on the Android 2.0 operating system. The Android netbook from Acer and both the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Spring Design Alex eReaders proceed Vega, but Android is already proving that it cannot be restrained to the phone.

Vega is made by Seattle-based company Innovative Converged Devices and is slated to be released early next year. The tablet is designed to be used all over your home for high definition entertainment, including: music, gaming, and on demand web-tv, as well as chat, video chat, social networking, email, voice, SMS and MMS text messaging.

Its contains a NVIDIA Tegra processor with 512MB RAM and additional storage via microSD. It has a built-in 1.3 MP camera, wi-fi (3G) connectivity, Bluetooth support and a large touchscreen that will be available in 7, 11 and 15-inches. It also has a removable stand so you're not confined to using it standing up or laying it down.

Its labeled as being "low-cost" but there aren't any prices out there for it yet. It is being rumored that it will be available for a low-cost or subsudized price from the major carriers throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

vizio vf551xvtNow that the Christmas season is approaching fast, sales are going to go up in all areas including electronics. The best way to save some cash during this season is to shop the sales and do your research. Well if your looking for an amazing yet affordable HDTV, look no further than the Vizio VF551XVT.


This 55-inch LCD HDTV has a crazy amount of features for the $2,199 price tag. Vizio continues to provide affordable and up-to-date technology. The model is LED backlit with 240Mhz technology. Although the VF551XVT is 5 inches thick, this is because of Vizio’s TruLED backlighting technology that is utilized. This is comprised of 960 LEDs distributed across 80 blocks to allow for a even backlighting of the whole entire screen. The enormous 1920 x 1080 pixel LCD screen is surrounded by a 1.8-inch black bezel which isn‘t bad, but it does have a 2.5-inch-tall speaker bar that is a flashy silver that stands out quite a bit. This little shiny speaker has great sound quality though. It features a deep bass, realistic surround-sound effect, five audio presets (Flat, Rock, Pop, Classic, or Jazz), and the ability to create your own custom sound preferences with the built-in equalizer. The 78 pound monstrosity is supported by a sturdy black stand that unfortunately does not swivel.

The remote control that comes with the VF551XVT is a 8.6 inch wand that is glossy black with silver details. All of the buttons are clearly marked, backlit, and easy to press. The control can also be programmed to control up to three other devices besides the VF551XVT.

Pretty much any connectivity option that you want to use can be found on the VF551XVT. It features five HDMI ports, a 15-pin PC VGA connector and mini audio port for the PC sound card, two composite and component video and stereo audio ports, one optical SPDIF output, two sets of analog audio jacks, a coaxial cable/antenna jack, and a USB port for viewing photos and playing music and videos. Above all the ports in the front of the TV, lie the Power, Channel, Volume, Input-Selection, and Menu buttons.

The VF551XVT features advanced picture settings that include Noise Reduction, Smart Dimming, and Color Enhancement. Smart Dimming is the process by which the backlighting is raised and lowered to provide deeper levels of black. Other advanced features include Color Temperature and Smooth Motion. The Smooth Motion utilizes the 240Mhz technology to allow the best possible picture with no blurring. When the VF551XVT underwent a basic darkroom calibration, it turned in an average contrast ratio of 1173:1 which is amazing for the price of the TV.

To top everything off, the Vizio VF551XVT is extremely energt efficient. It uses an average of 168 watts of power. This means, using the average customers rate of use, that running your new HDTV will only cost you about $3.00 per month. The VF551XVT is definitely on board with the new energy efficiency demands.

So overall the Vizio VF551XVT is an incredible big screen TV that offers you tons of features for an extremely reasonable price. This is one of the best HDTV bargain deals available right now. If your looking for a new big screen, the VF551XVT should definitely be at the top of your list.

Ostendo as produced the worlds first curved display. The 43-inch and 2880x900 resolution make it ideal for anyone looking for a top of the line display.


The CRVD has an aspect ratio of 38:10, which is 180% larger than a display with a 16:9 ratio. The curved screen is designed in such a way to engage 75% of the viewer's Human Visual System (HVS) peripheral vision. The 43-inch screen is about the same as working with two monitors only you don't have to install extra drivers and have other things plugged in. In fact, the CRVD is virtually ready to use out of the box. It works with existing hardware and software.

Another great feature of the CRVD is that it claims to reduce eye strain. The makers claim that if you're using multiple monitors you're eyes are constantly moving and adjusting because of the difference in distance between the monitors. With one continuous, curved, screen eye strain is severely reduced or eliminated because the user's focal distance remains constant across the screen.

All these great features come at a pretty hefty price tag, $6,499. So if your pockets are deep enough, it could quite possibly be the worlds most perfect display. But for the rest of us, perhaps we can hope for a lower priced model to come forth down the road.

Transferring files to a new computer using an iPod can be quite complicated, especially when the old computer is not available. Follow these steps for a solution to transferring files. This article assumes you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system....

1.) Make sure your iPod is set up for disk use.

2.) Open My Computer.

3.) Find your iPod under the list of drives.

4.) On Windows Vista, go to Organize, or on Windows XP, go to Preferences.

5.) Select Show Hidden Folders.

6.) Open the folder entitled iPod_Control.

7.) Go into the Music folder

8.) Select all of the folders in it and select Copy from the Organize menu on Windows Vista or the sidebar on Windows XP.

9.) Paste the files into your iTunes folder.

10.) After the transfer completes, re-install iTunes.

Once you see your files in iTunes, it is safe to sync your iPod.

[Via Wikihow]

I have collected some iphone themes, that I have tried and I loved them. They are useful, look great and have perfect concept behind them....

There are plenty of free iPhone themes on internet, but the themes that work the best and can be trusted for download and to be deployed on your iphone are hard to find.

These are sorted, specially tested, tried and selected free themes that are suitable for iphone and iphone 3G both. I hope you would like these themes.

1.) iBlue Theme for iPhone

Free Download

2.) Blue Theme – iPhone

Free Download

3.) Ocean iPhone

Free Download

4.) iPhone Vodka Red

Free Download

5.) Blue Matrix for iPhone

Free Download

Audiko provides FREE ringtones  for Iphone. Audiko lets you grab audio tracks from your hard drive or the Web and customize them for use on your mobile phone. Audiko simply layers the entire track on one timeline, while giving you a magnified area for each minute of the song to manipulate up to a 40-second ringtone from the segment of your choice....

For using Audiko Service registration is not required and is totally free.You can also make ringtones for your iphone from the huge library of songs in audiko.

How to use Audiko:

1. Just go to Audiko & upload any song from local drive (you can also search their library).

2. Once you have uploaded the song on Audiko, select the Segment that you wish to have as a Ringtone.

3. Click on Create Ringtone.

4. Click on Download ringtone for iPhone.

5. Sync your iphone with itunes.

Well, I have created one, you can get it from here based on Pehla pehla Pyar Hai.

Starting with Windows 2000, Microsoft moved from NTLM to Active Directory and its integrated Kerberos authentication services. Kerberos was considerably more secure than NTLM, and it scaled better, too. And Kerberos was an industry standard already used by Linux and UNIX systems, which opened the door to integrating those platforms with Windows....

Most Linux distributions come with several PAM authentication modules, including modules that support authentication to an LDAP directory and authentication using Kerberos. You can use these modules to authenticate to Active Directory, but there are some significant limitations, as I will discuss later in this article.

The Fedora Project, a Red Hat sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration project, today announced the availability of Fedora 10, the latest version of its free, open source operating system distribution....

The new release offers the latest stable version of GNOME 2.24 and KDE 4.1, faster boot experience (powered by Plymouth), better printing, better webcam support, improved wireless network connection sharing, better software maintenance and update (powered by PackageKit and RPM 4.6), and virtualization storage. Plus, it adds a new security tool for IDS (Intrusion Detection System) called SecTool. In Fedora 10, users will enjoy a brand new theme called “Solar,” and a new lightweight desktop environment called LXDE. Developers and system administrators will enjoy the power of Eclipse 3.4 and NetBeans IDE.

Highlights of Fedora 10:

1.) Linux kernel 2.6.27 (with improved webcam and WiFi support);

2.) GNOME 2.24;

3.) KDE 4.1;

4.) Eclipse 3.4;

5.) RPM 4.6;

6.) Faster boot;

7.) An enhanced version of the PackageKit package manager;

8.) An updated PulseAudio sound server;

9.) Improved Apple Macintosh hardware support;

10.) Improved HDTV support in X.Org;

11.) A new icon theme called Echo;

12.) Remote virtualization.

Download: Fedora Project

Release Notes: Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat

Home Page : Fedora Project

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition delivers a range of feature enhancements to improve the user experience. Shorter boot speeds, some as short as 25 seconds, ensure faster access to a full computing environment on most desktop, laptop and netbook models....

Enhanced suspend-and-resume features also give users more time between charges along with immediate access after hibernation. Intelligent switching between Wi-Fi and 3G environments has been broadened to support more wireless devices and 3G cards, resulting in a smoother experience for most users.

What’s new in Ubuntu 9.04

1.) Ubuntu 9.04 includes the latest GNOME 2.26 desktop environment.

2.) Brasero is now the default disc burning utility in Nautilus.

3.) The latest X.Org server, version 1.6, is available in Jaunty. The latest Mesa 3D DRI, version 7.4, is also available.

4.) Included in Jaunty is a simple menu which can be used to set preferences for notification icons, such as where they pop up on the taskbar.

5.) A number of improvements to the Ubuntu start-up process bring significantly improved boot performance to Ubuntu 9.04.

6.) Linux kernel 2.6.28.

7.) Ext4 filesystem support.

1. Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop CD ISO download
Download Ubuntu Linux Desktop 9.04 CD 32 bit i386 (697M)
Download Ubuntu Linux Desktop 9.04 CD 64 bit (697M)

Ubuntu 9.0.4 Server

1. Ubuntu 9.04 Server CD ISO download
Download server install CD 32 bit ISO (637M)
Download server install CD 64 bit ISO (653M)
~ Ubuntu Linux 9.04 DVD ISO BitTorrent download ~

1. Ubuntu Desktop 9.04 DVD ISO BitTorrent download
Download from BitTorrent i386 32 bit Desktop DVD (requires a BitTorrent client)
Download from BitTorrent 64 bit Desktop DVD (requires a BitTorrent client)

2.Ubuntu Server 9.04 DVD ISO BitTorrent download
Download from BitTorrent i386 32 bit DVD (requires a BitTorrent client)
Download from BitTorrent 64 bit DVD (requires a BitTorrent client)
For any type of help or more information do Visit=> Ubuntu.com

The Waiting is over for Kubuntu Users (KDE), the Windows 7 transformation pack is now available for KDE too. Here I am presenting windows 7 transformation pack for KDE users, by using this Transformation pack you can get Windows 7 interface in your KDE....

This Transformation Pack makes Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04 looks and in some areas works like Windows 7.

Transformation Pack Features:

1.) Vistar7 color scheme (public domain)

2.) Vistar7 plasma theme, based on Glassified (GPL)

3.) Redmond Vista Normal deKorator theme (unknown)

4.) Win7 Icon theme (proprietary/unknown)

5.) Aero mouse theme (proprietary)

6.) Windows 7 like splash screen (proprietary)

7.) All Windows 7 sound themes (proprietary)

8.) Windows 7 wallpapers, including beta wallpapers (proprietary)

9.) Segoe UI, Calibri and Cambri fonts from Microsoft (proprietary)

10.) Default Windows 7 user picture (proprietary)

Download this transformation pack by using below link:

Download Link & More info Here

Many of you thinking that Linux OS doesn’t get Infected with Virus, but let me tell you Linux OS can also be infected same as Windows OS do. Well there are few Antivirus in Market that do support Linux OS, one of them is BitDefender....

Many of you thinking that Linux OS doesn’t get Infected with Virus, but let me tell you Linux OS can also be infected same as Windows OS do. Well there are few Antivirus in Market that do support Linux OS, one of them is BitDefender.

The cost of BitDefender AntiVirus 2009 is around 24$, but due to a promotional offer you can get it for FREE.
Just Follow the below instructions & get Genuine License of BitDefender AntiVirus 2009 for FREE:

1. Go here & Fill up the form.

2. Via E-Mail you will Receive Bitdefender Antivirus 2009 License Key.

3. Download BitDefender from following link:
Linux Version

BSD version

4. Install it & use the License key that you received via E-Mail.

[Via WongSK Blog]

There is an large amount of FREE audio player available for the Linux. In fact, Linux has all the tools needed to be a serious contender in music production without a user having to venture into the commercial software world. I have compiled a list of 11 best audio player for linux OS. List follows:...

1. Audacious – Audacious is a semi-lightweight audio player with a WinAmp/XMMS-like skinnable GUI. It supports most popular audio formats including but not limited to: MP3, AAC, WMA v1-2, Monkey’s Audio, WavPack, various module formats, console/chip formats, CD Audio, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.

It has a compact, collapsible, movable playlist editor allowing you to view, sort, shuffle, load and save your music playlists. Content can be dragged directly onto the playlist, making it quick and easy to add media from different sources. The built-in equalizer is also collapsible and movable. Equalizer presets can be saved and loaded, and configured to load presets automatically depending on the file being played.

Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and voiceprint visualizations are built in and can be customized. Audacious also supports external plugins, allowing endless possibilities for visualizations, new input and output capabilities, and audio effects and enhancements.

2. Amarok – It’s an audio player for KDE offering a wealth of features, yet being intuitive to use. It has an attractive interface where music can be drag and dropped into the playlist.
Amarok serves many functions rather than just playing music files. For example, Amarok can be used to organize a library of music into folders according to genre, artist, and album, can edit tags attached to most music formats, associate album art, attach lyrics, and automatically “score” music as it is played. Amarok does not support any media types directly, but instead uses a backend independent approach. There are plugins available for the iRiver media devices, Apple iPod, Creative Nomad and Zen.


3. Banshee -  It’s music management and playback software for GNOME. With Banshee you can easily import, manage, and play selections from your music collection. Banshee allows you to import CDs, sync your music collection to an mobile device, play music directly from an mobile player, create playlists with songs from your library, and create audio and MP3 CDs from subsets of your library.
Banshee uses Gstreamer to play, encode, and decode Ogg Vorbis, MP3s, and other music formats, with only AAC files requiring the use of RealNetwork’s Helix media framework for decoding.

4. BMPx – It’s the successor to the Beep Media Player. BMPx is a free software media player. It is a compact media player based on the GTK2 toolkit using custom widgets, with plugins basically source compatible with XMMS.

BMPx features support for specifications like XDS DnD, XSPF and DBus. BMPx is highly interoperable and integrates well with other applications and a variety of desktop environments. While the original BMP was derived from XMMS, BMPx shares only a small amount of code with the original XMMS/BMP codebase, and was rewritten almost entirely from scratch. It uses GStreamer as its primary audio playback backend.


5. Exaile - It’s a music player aiming to be similar to KDE’s Amarok, but for GTK+ and written in Python. It has many of the cool features from Amarok (and other media players) such as automatic fetching of album art, handling of large libraries, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via Wikipedia, Last.fm submission support, and optional iPod support via a plugin. Exaile uses the GStreamer multimedia playform for audio playback, as well as the Mutagen library for reading and writing track metadata.

6. JuK – It’s a jukebox and music manager for the KDE desktop similar to jukebox software on other platforms such as iTunes or RealOne. Juk is unique in the way it lets you organize your files in multiple playlists in a simple and user friendly yet powerful way. JuK allows you to edit the “tags” of your audio files, and manage your collection and playlists. This package is part of KDE, as a component of the KDE multimedia module.

Ubuntu Tweak is an FREE utility that allows to config ubuntu OS easier for everyone. From this utility you can configure hidden settings, customize your desktop environment, change security settings etc. If I speak in few words, it provided many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment isn’t provided....

At present, It is only designed for Ubuntu GNOME Desktop, and often follows the newest Ubuntu distribution. You can also redistribute it and modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Features of Ubuntu Tweak:

1. View of Basic System Information(Distribution, Kernel, CPU, Memory, etc.)

2. GNOME Session Control

3. Auto Start Program Control

4. Show/Hide and Change Splash screen

5. Show/Hide desktop icons or Mounted Volumes

6. Show/Hide/Rename Computer, Home, Trash icon or Network icon

7. Tweak Metacity Window Manager Style and Behavior

8. Compiz Fusion settings, Screen Edge Settings, Window Effects Settings, Menu Effect Settins

9. GNOME Panel Settings

10. Nautilus Settings

11. Advanced Power Management Settings

12. System Security Settings

You can download Ubuntu Tweak from following link:

Download Ubuntu Tweak
Skype has recently announced the availability of Skype 2.1 Beta for linux users. The new beta version of Skype comes with some extra feature from previous versions like extra features and better sound and improved video quality....

This release comes with High Quality Video and super wideband audio that have been exciting features of  Windows and Mac versions. Therefore, now linux users will feel much closer and clearer on your Skype calls.

Features Include:

1. Skype’s SILK codec for outstanding sound quality

2. High Quality Video

3. PulseAudio

4. Send SMS messages

5. Organise your contacts with contact groups

6. Improvements to chat.





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