How many types of espresso machines have you seen? 10?… 20? How many types of them do you think might still exist in the market? 100?… 200? Whatever the number is, doesn’t matter who is the manufacturer, Vespeo espresso machine can beat them all by blending the iconic style of Vespa with modernity, tradition and Italian flair. Materials, surface finish and color combination was carefully selected to represent culture and ritual coffee preparation which results a compact and easy to operate espresso machine. The key element is the analogue indicator that symbolizes the dashboard of a Vespa scooter showing important information about steam, level of water and coffee. The espresso machine can make two cups of coffee at a time, can hold up to 6 empty cups on it and contains two different compartments for coffee and water.

This transformable spin vehicle is able to change the position of the driver and his distance from the ground in order to generate different types of vehicle topologies and different levels of complexity to drive. Designed by Matias Conti, the vehicle’s direction system works by rotating the wheels by the electronic actuator and tipping the lateral arms. Riders can drive this vehicle in an intuitive way utilizing their own body weight. The vehicle uses battery for electric supply and the rear motor wheel provides motion. With all these features and its crazy look, this single seater bike surely can give you a sensational driving experience.

This is something that you would definitely want to ride on your way to work, school, gym or just for fun. It is agile and comfortable, being based on a medium-sized quad, meaning you can slalom your way through traffic jams or just use the space between cars as your own lane. It has a small gasoline engine with low emissions, making it Eco-Friendly and for those of you who think the side walk is an extra lane, the QuadUrban has independent suspension on all four wheels. It’s street legal, it has signal lights, head and stop lights, bumpers, seatbelt, extinguisher and a GPS. Small as it is, it also has a small trunk, where are deposited several useful items, such as the helmet and beacons, it is also the fuses panel and battery location. The designer, Sebastian Salanova, managed to create a unique vehicle, which is ideal in today’s cities and is an escape route for the adventurous kind trapped in the urban jungle.

Modular homes are built using an engineered approach to produce buildings in a more efficient and cost effect method. These homes are designed by combining several necessary modules that are necessary for everyday life, which is a great invention. The designer has made the homes 100% environmentally friendly with an attractive place to live at a very reasonable cost 750 euros per square meter. Since, the homes are not really big, mostly around 100 square meter, the project duration has been reduced.

Multipen is a 3-in-one device consisting injection of insulin, blood sample taking needle and blood sugar measuring unit. Generally, diabetic patients have to carry those individual instruments in order to keep the sugar level in control. With this elegant multi pen, all these necessary items can be obtained in one instrument. Besides, you don’t need to carry extra needles and strips since the pen resides up to six of each. One end of this device has a blood sugar measuring unit with digital display that also shows the total injected amount of insulin.

Sound Eggs are a superb device for gadget enthusiasts. This is a pair of wireless multimedia speakers that can be used with computers or any other devices with wireless interface. Simple white eggs and tilting dolls are the main inspiration of this unique design. The white case of the speaker is pointing on an egg shell and the orange speaker denotes an egg yolk. There is no accurate support for the speaker but a cargo is installed in the bottom part of the speaker that holds them in the inclined or vertical position. You can create some unusual sound effects by twisting them about the axis and whipping top.

Style, precision and customization are the main characteristics of The Aito custom bike which is very ideal for passionate riders. This bike is powered by a V-Twin 1800cc engine and the long leather seat offers comfort on long and stretched roads. The exhausts are non-silenced to make sure you are heard. The use of a standard chain has been replaced with a belt drive system to ensure less maintenance. This bike has two powerful head lights with a lighting system of a two-chip LED array positioned behind the lens. Although this bike was designed specially for a visual affect, it can become a dream bike for super riders.

Renault is a leading car manufacturing company of France and is known for their unique and futuristic designs. Their latest car, Megane Coupe is really a masterpiece. The design of the car is compatible with aerodynamics. It’s a four-sitter car with sliding doors that reach upwards. The interior of the car is equipped with digital simulation technology. The gear system is semiautomatic and it also has adjustable steering wheel mounted on paddle shift. The suspension is superb with adjustable dampers. The tires of this car are from the renowned Michellin tires making the car to run on any surfaces. This car also has roof mounted air ducts.

Today, all the devices are being designed keeping in mind its utility and usage. The designers are designing the products that are more durable and value for money. This fire place design by Yu-ri Lee, “Bonfire” design is nothing but a fire producing sticks. All one needs to do is press the buttons in and the heat is available. This is a nice device for all those who are adventurous like the mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The device has a gas attached to the sticks which ensures that the fire is available at all times. So a nice concept for all the adventurous blokes

With the advancement of the recent mobile technology, we have encountered some superb useful gadgets with various handy features. Among them, Bluetooth device is being considered the most popular tool for its wireless feature. With simple and exceptional design, the Transparent Fragility is a supreme quality Bluetooth device that is being operated by a one touch key. This device comprises a minimum of details, smooth lines and bionic design that has made it an unavoidable stuff. According to IIshat Garipov, the founder of the Bluetooth device, he has tried to transfer plasticity and elegance of a drop of water to the headset design.

The main attraction of the Geneva Motor Show would be the iPhone controlled, wild shape-shifting electric concept car by the Swiss auto tuner Rinspeed. This car can change its shape according to the number of passengers with a simple touch to an iPhone application. The streamlined one-seater rear end is able to form space for two more people if requirement arises. By maximizing aerodynamics, the adjustable rear end preserves energy. According to Frank Rinderknecht, the founder of the company, the idea is to create smooth, lightweight and efficient individual mobility that is able to understand the driver’s requirement.

This interesting house plan called “Vashon Cabin” belongs to Vandeventer + Carlander Architects and is located in Vashon Island, Washington, USA. The challenge was to turn around the looks and the functionality of an existing one level cabin. Due to serious building restrictions, the architects had to come up with a viable solution that would increase the space of the residence, without changing the cabin’s lot coverage. The result: an ingenious addition in the shape of a wooden box, which was “attached” to the main structure. Intriguing enough, the auxiliary project includes a master bedroom, a bathroom and the kitchen. But what we like most about the unusual “box” is the fact that the architects managed to blend it with the “mother” structure by taking an original and clever approach. 

Getting a problem in hearing the music in a big concert? Introducing the “Night Sound”. A small wireless concept speaker which is created to solve the problem of audibility in a big concert, where it will capture the sound no matter how far away you are standing from the stage. The Night Sound speaker can be connected to the main speaker of the concert, you can use it like a key holder or a necklace. Although its size might be deceiving, it has the capability of delivering a high quality audible sound through its wireless signal. Night Sound is so portable that you can bring it around without appear so bulky in your hand or you can even wear it as a necklace. A definite recommended product for all those party lover or to keep you company in one those long journey.

Gigabyte have spilled the beans on some of what we can expect to see.  Among the motherboards – catering both for Intel and AMD’s newest hexacore processors – there’s a new GV-R587SO-1GD graphics card based on ATI’s Radeon HD 5870 GPU.  However, we’re most interested in the Gigabyte M1125, spotted in a thumbnail on Gigabyte’s site and detailed over at SemiAccurate, an 11.6-inch convertible touchscreen notebook packing a processor from Intel’s Core i-Series.

Many of the concepts that are being designed are done to ease out our daily lives. One such innovation is the ‘Virtuo’, designed by Yana Klimava. This design can be said to be a boon for all those wannabe painters as this virtual device helps one hone their panting skills. The device consists of brushes, color pad and screen on which one draws with the help of brushes provided. And since it is all virtual colors that we are talking about, it doesn’t mean that one has to soil their hands or clothes with paint. All in all a nice concept!

The Cargonaut concept is designed for a revolution in urban transit that will relief people off their loads during traveling. With the day by day technological development in miniaturization, in future, the portable devices will become easy to carry. But since the city travelers are mostly loaded with heavy luggage, shopping bags and groceries, that are not compressible, an alternative may require to serve this purpose. Cargonaut is a humanoid flight robot that will deliver your luggage exactly at your chosen destination within minutes and according to the concept, these sky boxes will be available in a certain publicly place.

There are many people who have faced problems with cooking during outings or when you are camping at a remote place. Considering this fact, industrial designer Irina Zhdanova has conceived the idea of a self sufficient mobile kitchen, EGGo. This egg shaped mobile kitchen has a water reservation tank, gas chamber along with a water sink and a burner. The glossy metal body doesn’t seem like a kitchen from any point of view but there are several layers of this kitchen with different useful features. You can use this kitchen inside your tent and can carry it easily on the top of your car.

Line skating is one of the most popular sports among people. This popularity is spreading throughout the world everyday due to it’s large range of usability. In fact, roller skate was invented to compensate the limits of ice skate and make it possible to experience skating on the streets.

Nissan NV200 is dedicated to small business professionals that always on the move. This car exterior might not appeal too much for design conscious people but the NV200 has a very nice interior design that worth considering. Take a look inside Nissan NV200, you’ll get the impression that this particular model is built for professional oceanic photographer, a full equipment-specific storage to a full computer workstation is ready to use. Definitely not just a regular small van but one with innovative and smart design to suit any people with different lifestyle.

Sourdine is one of the speaker designs for the Wi-Fi systems. The gadget incorporates the best of technology which aims to serve the young generation. The body of this particular speaker is made from a material that has elastic properties. This is the reason why the device can soften the effect of the music. But because of the elastic property the volume of the speaker can be enhanced and increased. This is also capable of hosting the Wi-Fi connection in various types of music systems. This is evidently a great device that expresses the tunes of music in the softest yet audible manner.

Big machines were always fascinating to us when we were kids. Although we may have overlooked them, New Holland gave us a new product to recall those days. NH2 is the recently released tractor by New Holland based on their T6000 product line with one basic difference; it’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell without any sorts of emission. Maybe this tractor doesn’t seem like an extraordinary achievement at the first look, but it demonstrates how alternative fuel technologies can make inroads into regions where someone would least anticipate them. The full cell battery of NH2 generates around 106 horsepower and its electric motor is powered for around 2 hours to run on a single tank of hydrogen.

The Solar Car designed by Koenigsegg is being compared with an Electric Batmobile. Koenigsegg is a high-end car maker of Sweden and have just made the demonstration of their electric solar car NLV Quant in Geneva. This car is able to go 0-62 mph in just 5.2 seconds with 512hp. It takes only 20 minutes to charge full however, not all through solar. It’s true that electric sports cars are not being manufactured by Koenigsegg for the first time, but they are the one who are using solar panels for the first time onto it. Koenigsegg is delivering sports cars for decades and this solar car is one of their most superior creations.

The Solar Car designed by Koenigsegg is being compared with an Electric Batmobile. Koenigsegg is a high-end car maker of Sweden and have just made the demonstration of their electric solar car NLV Quant in Geneva. This car is able to go 0-62 mph in just 5.2 seconds with 512hp. It takes only 20 minutes to charge full however, not all through solar. It’s true that electric sports cars are not being manufactured by Koenigsegg for the first time, but they are the one who are using solar panels for the first time onto it. Koenigsegg is delivering sports cars for decades and this solar car is one of their most superior creations.

The Master LED bulb from Philips has the same form as an old-fashioned one, making it simple to use for the people and feel comfortable about using it. Even though the bulb draws 7 watts only, it gives off light equal to a 40 watt bulb and lasts around 45,000 hours which about 30x the length of a normal bulb. This Master LED bulb is available in Europe already and should reach the North American shores before July.

Do you have difficulty in teaching your kids to conserve energy? Or teaching them to save? Here is a good gadget that can help you teach kids to save. It is called Power Hog. As the name suggests, it takes the shape of the famous icon for saving – the pig. It functions as a meter when your kids play video games or watch TV. It uses loose change or coins as “payment” deposited inside it for a set of time to use a game station or the TV. Just simply plug these appliances into the snout of the Power Hog and it will just signal your kid that its time is up. This is also a great gadget to teach your kids discipline.

Community values are the main inspiration of the LifeLINK Modular Shelter. Each of them is prepared of 1000 denier nylon walls with self skinning foam. During manufacturing, the shelters are vacuum packed. So when the parcel is ripped open, it inflates itself slowly. Then multiple units are zipped together through side flaps in order to form bigger units and a Velcro and a plastic sheet covers it. By doing this, it generates a central “sunroom” and people of the smaller units can access it. Ease of use merged with visual form and functionality has made these LifeLINK Modular Shelter an ideal selection in various disaster situations.

One of the most significant problems when traveling in a foreign country is to understand the language of the respective country. ViewTrans is a conceptual digital translator that can let you relaxed regarding this issue. Unlike usual electronic dictionaries where you can translate a foreign language only when you can recognize the letters of that language, ViewTrans can translate a foreign language on the device’s screen into your mother tongue by few easy to follow steps. Choose the language of the country you are traveling then bring your required word on the screen to translate. Push the T button and get the translated word on the screen.

The owner of Hotelicopper has been trying to create the world’s largest helicopter as well as the world’s first flying hotel by modifying a Soviet-made Mil V-12 since 2004. This massive flying machine features everything from room service and private entertainment systems to extras like yoga classes, tea garden, spa treatment, gaming and many others that someone would anticipate from a 5-star hotel. With the length of 42m and 14m of height, this giant aircraft can fly with a maximum weight of 232,870 lb. Maximum speed of this flying hotel is 255 km/h and expected cruising speed is 237 km/h.

Bathroom accidents are getting a common issue every year with several cases resulting even in death because of being exposed too late. This concept Help Lock will be beneficial for not only the aged or people who are living alone, but also the usual home owners. An alarm and a timer are the key elements that have been used to solve this problem. The timer sets automatically whenever a person locks the door and it will remind the user to cancel the alarm once the set time has passed. If there is no answer after 30 seconds, the lock will unlock the door, sound the alarm and dial an emergency number that was programmed earlier.

Mo:Ben is a handy food container that includes a built-in film heater component that can heat up foods to a pre-heated temperature. Mo:Ben’s main mechanism of maintaining the heat is the combination of foam-filled cavity insulation and the built-in heating factor. There are two main parts of the device; one is the external box that features a carry grip, slip protective rubber base and cutlery storage, and another is the temperature sensitive substance for food preparation indication. The internal box holds the food and can be detached for convenient dish-washing. The arrangements inside the box are designed to encourage variety of food and mixing of food is prevented by different available compartments.

The Pocket Yoga is a concept netbook by Lenovo that looks like it has been exactly designed to fit in a pocket and Lenovo claims it as a back pocket notebook dedicatedly for males. However, it is still just a concept, but the dazzling ultra-widescreen and touch sensitive display has really made the notebook an extraordinary piece. Additionally, the display can flip around when you want your notebook in a tablet mode. The keyboard is deigned keeping the ease of use in mind for the users. The belt clasp system is another noticeable feature since the belt will be able to turn into a mouse. 

4P is an innovative camera system specially designed for the industry of action sports and other extreme conditions. In fact, this camera is implying the existing technology in a modern manner to completely redefine the relationship of a user and a camera. This superb camera features a scanner that can track its subject automatically which eliminates the necessity of an additional photographer. With this device, a non-pro athlete can self-document their actions and share the photos with their local community. The camera includes a GPS beacon which can send out required signal to the camera to track its object as well as work as a remote control of this camera.

Antares Lift is an innovative foldable and space saving bicycle concept that was intended for the cycling lovers and green commuter. This concept bicycle is a step away from the traditional mechanical aesthetic and carries in some organic elements that are found in nature. The design gets the inspiration from the orchid leaf and the outline of a tear drop and some remarkable features includes single-speed drive, rear and front brakes and an integrated set of energy efficient LED tail and headlamps. You can fold the bike by simply lifting up the center frame, let the rear and front wheels roll in near each other and click.

Antares Lift is an innovative foldable and space saving bicycle concept that was intended for the cycling lovers and green commuter. This concept bicycle is a step away from the traditional mechanical aesthetic and carries in some organic elements that are found in nature. The design gets the inspiration from the orchid leaf and the outline of a tear drop and some remarkable features includes single-speed drive, rear and front brakes and an integrated set of energy efficient LED tail and headlamps. You can fold the bike by simply lifting up the center frame, let the rear and front wheels roll in near each other and click.

D-roll is a next generation concept laptop design which is way distinctive from usual laptops in both shape and function. The long tube shape of this laptop, which was inspired from the storage tubes that artists are using for storing large drawings, eliminates perception of the traditional book looking laptops. This multifunctional laptop has two working modes. When it is operating in full function mode, the laptop is unfolded completely and all peripherals are turned on. The main display is turned off and a smaller screen, attached with main body is turned on allowing the users to check and send mails when D-roll is under email mode. VC is a helpful add-on for capturing pictures or videos and Locking System can provide certain security to the laptop.


Color Picker is an innovative design of a concept pen that can scan colors from anything around and instantly use the color for drawing. After placing the pen against an object, the user just presses the scan button. The color is being detected by the color sensor and the RGB cartridge of the pen mixes the required inks to create the target color. This superb device will help people to observe the changing colors of nature. With color picker, all range of artists will be able to cerate a more sensorial and visual insight of their surrounding nature’s colors.

Honda CB750 concept is actually a predecessor to the previous 70-80 CB and has reborn as a next generation smart bike with brilliant performance, breaking, handling and technology. This bike holds a 750cc heavy duty four cylinder engine and liquid hydrogen will be used as fuel. Its duel clutch transmission includes features like automatically controlled launch control and grip control for wet days. Honda CB750 features a full on, rear and front electro-magnetic suspension which will ensure less maintenance. An onboard computer allows the user to tune anything from the traction control to the engine. The body and the frame of this bike is a unibody construction manufactured with aluminum and carbon fiber.

Angel is a concept car inspired by the fairy angels at a minimal and very pure design manner. Peugeot Angel is specially designed for city use that will give the users an unbelievable driving experience. This concept car has a futuristic look with a little bit of retro charm. All the front wheels have a standard car like look but the rear wheels are functioning on idea of circulation of opposite magnetic fields and this movement actually develops magnetic field that aloes this superb car to be levitated in its back. With this process the Angel car is lighter than traditional cars and requires less power to perform smooth drive.

Renault E0 is a superb concept car from both the aesthetic look and brilliant features. The name E0 symbolizes Emission ZERO and the design of this car was based on a particular style of Renault, inspired by the architecture of Frank Gary. This Eco Friendly car has four seats and is specially designed keeping the upcoming future in mind. The car is deigned in two different platforms: one contains an electric charging mechanism and other one includes an electric combustion piles which is fueled by liquid hydrogen. The main component of the body work is aluminum and few other light materials. The battery is charged by the solar panel whenever it is possible.


Vacuum cleaners are an unavoidable appliance for those who would like to keep their households neat and clean. There are many available vacuum cleaners over the market but not many of them are as effective as BacVac, a fuel cell concept vacuum cleaner. This smart backpack-style vacuum cleaner is powered by an integrated fuel cell which allows the user to enjoy a cable free cleaning experience. The main goal of this vacuum cleaner is to meet the residential cleaning needs and is hanged over the users shoulder like a passenger bag. When recharging needed, the fuel cell can be reloaded with instantly available ethanol.

The product line of Nikon Coolpix series will be enriched if they are agree with these two innovative models of new digital camera by figuring out the new marketing prospects. These two concepts are named as Neoclassic and Good Grip which is an extraordinary example of attaining the same goal with the means of different approaches. Neo Classic has a familiar and contented classic shape with stylish accessories that connects digital functions with analogue processes that can bring digital technology to mass users. Good Grip, on the other hand, is easy to use and comfortable to handle. The interface contains necessary and useful functions only that can be easily understood.

In urban cities, parking lots always remains full and even if there is some space, you will have to waste a lot of time and gasoline to find it. Bee Parking is a concept parking card with flexible display and a chipset of Zigbee network protocol which will guide you to the available parking space by showing an arrow. Bee Parking is able to guide you to find available parking space quicker by using Zigbee network protocol and IR sensor. This device works by receiving IR data from distributed Zigbee device over the parking lot and thus it can direct the driver to the available parking space within the shortest possible time.

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