When I think of concept products, I tend to think of things like electronics and cars. I never really think about concept clothing. A new pair of cross training shoes has made the concept stage.


Dell has a bunch of cool designs in its Dell Design Studio. The user can order up their Studio laptop with any of the designs to suit their tastes and personality. Dell has announced that it has now added 11 new designs from the crowd sourced t-shirt design firm Threadless.

Moonlights are manufactured by Germany’s award winning “Moonlight – Globe Lights” for offering luxury seen at the finest resorts all over the world. These are not normal round shaped bulbs but these are a new line of contemporary light fixtures made up of shatterproof polyethylene. These lights are globe shaped and are available in different shapes and sizes from 15 to 30 inches. You can use them for home interiors with assorted changeable colors as well as for outdoor such as a floating model for your pool. Moonlights are surely going to shine your house or resort with a unique and fresh look.

This concept car named as “Just” is designed by Altran group and they have tried to generate innovations in the field of automotive. It is a wide car with exotic looks and amazing curves. Just is extremely spacious from inside for a family of four members and would be surely suitable for long drives. Vehicle is designed in a way to adapt and personalize their vehicle to the extreme while integrating environmental and regulatory requirements. Altran have made the best use of multi positioning group for offering complete comfort and relaxation.

A-cero architecture studio, directed by Joaquin Torres introduces a modular architecture product in the market, based on the principles of the Industrialized Construction.

Here is the rest of the project description:

Applying same standardization procedures to the construction, modularity, technology, quality control and time spaces that are applied to other many fields of human activity. The most evident example being the production of automobiles, with already more than one century of expositions of chain production by Henry Ford.

You must have seen cars changing colors but check out EVE which is a unique concept that imbibes the feature of reflecting lights as per the mood with a very classy quality. Boasting of a very perceptive interface that senses the driver’s mood, the car has the ability to change the color of its panels. The panels are made up of a mix of polymers and other materials that react to the flow of the electricity created by the friction of tires. It is an eco-friendly car concept for 3 passengers that uses electricity for its power and also harnesses solar energy with the help of its coated windshield.

Put a 30 degree-curved wooden box on the ground which is 1.8m higher from road. By curving a little, it builds up all-round view of ocean and sky from every single room. Needed life spaces for four family members are fitted in simple plan, as compact as possible.

A Chrysler LLC company named as GEM has introduced the Peapod, a neighbourhod electric vehicle. It is a gas and emission free electric vehicle which is scheduled for the year 2009. Peapod is a battery vehicle that offers iPod integration and hands free use of your iPhone. Another innovative aspect included in this car is ergonomic mesh seating. You will get a top speed of 25 miles per hour and a range of up to 30 miles per charge with Peapod. The vehicle can be recharged anytime within 6 to 8 hours. You will find such car designs everywhere these days but the only unique thing that it has is iPod integration within a car.

When you are stressed with heavy workload, you need something to lighten your stress. So, here comes a new concept “Punch the Lighting” designed by a creative artist. Usually people take out their stress by hitting a punching bag. So, this is what you have to do with this. You do not have to hang this punching bag, just keep it somewhere in your room and start hitting as hard as you can to relieve the stress. Whenever you hit this bag, light will radiate and this concept will refresh your mind according to the designer. Let’s see how far people can do away with their anger and stress.

If you are bored with latest mobile phone concepts coming in the market then check out BRIX. A personal multimedia mobile phone, if joined with a BRIX of some other person, can be viewed on a bigger screen of different dimensions and also enables you to make conversations. BRIX is designed with bricks having 1:2 rates and can be combined with several BRIXs. Apart from enjoying all the facilities that a mobile phone has, you can also view favorite games and movies with your friends or family in a garden or any other place. There is an information screen on the top of the Main screen and Remote control screen can be combined with Main screen. Hence, there are various combination available that can be adjusted as per your need.

Architekturb├╝ro Jakob Bader projected a red large house on a small plot.

Here is the project description:
It is well insulated and with ground water heat pump and ventilation system economical to maintain. One comes from the south. The cars are not hidden in garages, but under the wide overhang presents a dry and shady. The projection is the great work. Among them are the home visits: the right of the main entrance and left a shortcut to the attic. The 16 meters long, extended residence is directed mainly to the North: The living room located in the north, it opens on three sides with floor to ceiling glass to the garden. One can recognize here the well-balanced ground plan of house V. Almost reminiscent of the venerable loftige living-dining-kitchen area of the organization of a basilica. The central kitchen is the high altar of our time. Directly above the living room, top floor, is the bedroom and adjoining a secluded sun terrace. The outer T-shaped house of V is also reflected in the interior again: The large rooms at the dock by two pages of densely packed core in the center of the building. The core holds the single flight of stairs, two bathrooms and two dressing rooms, the library and one to cellar continuous installation bay. In the basement is plenty of storage space and assembled in a separate room, modern building technology. The control of technology is a touch screen or via mobile iPhone and the Internet.

Few days back, I came closer to a mob of curious people who I guess have also gathered hearing the loud voice recurrently telling “Penguins that never falls down”, where a street seller was displaying a range of toy penguins with round weighted base that keeps the penguin stand still doesn’t matter how and which way you push or through it in the wind.

Life today is living in fast lane so to say this is an era of instant coffee with everything one does have to have instant results. Even the innovations are being planned out keeping this is in mind and one of them being Zink’s inkless pocket photo printers. Just the size of a card, this product is a one button printer which has been designed to easily get connected to any camera phone thus giving one the flexibility to take prints on the move. The device gets connected through Bluetooth technology thereby ensuring a complete wireless process. A nice and easy way to capture and store your private moments!

Sony has outed its latest Cybershot digital cameras, the 12.2-megapixel 3D-capable DSC-WX5 and DSC-TX9, and the 14.1-megapixel DSC-T99.  Both the WX5 and the TX9 support Full HD 1080i video recording, along with 2D/3D sweep panorama like the NEX-5, with the TX9 also throwing in an underwater-panorama mode when paired with a marine housing.

The new wireless internet router designed by Saudi Arabia based telecom company STC is a device that can be said to follow the latest ground rule for all conceptual designs – multi tasking. The router apart from being used for its normal purpose can also be used as a flower vase to adorn your table! This can be a perfect product that can reduce the gap of lifestyle and technology. On the back of the vase, are the slots wherein requisite connections like LAN, phone etc can be plugged into. Additionally, its connectivity via VOIP and landline telephony is awesome. It surely is a value for money product!

The new camera cum watch design is surely a perfect example of getting the best together. The watch though is priced on a higher side, it does have some very useful functions. The “Transparency Watch” can be connected to computer and a distribution list can be selected. Once a picture is taken using the camera attached to the watch, one can just click again and share the picture with the distribution list thus sharing the same in real time. So all one needs to do is select the people to whom the data is to be sent and then it’s just connect, click and voila you are in touch!

The Balance of Communication concept was developed with ergonomics in mind. A shape which fits in hand well is coupled with a new weight distribution of the components. The heavy parts are located on the bottom part of the phone, leaving the top with only a very thin and light display. The keypad is big for the ease of use – many people are frustrated by the small keypads on current phones. The design tries to eliminate the sealed case look by using an exoskeleton as a feature. The strong side beams are the structurally supportive elements of the design, giving the aesthetics a visual flow, and communicating the idea of ergonomics.

Tired of using that same bathroom everyday? Try out this unique and new line of showers and bathtubs known as the “Sensamare” designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich. This diverse and Italian bathroom design can definitely give you a luxurious feeling. The original Hoesch Everclean Glass has the capacity of reducing the number of limestone and water deposits for an almost waterproof glass. This marvelous design includes reclining shower benches which are very durable and comfortable. The transparent glasses are used to give a modern and open appearance to the bathroom. This can be one of your choices to give an exciting look to your bathroom.

As the good things comes in small packages, the new orbit MP3 speaker system is surely a nice way to share with the regular music devices like MP3, CD Player, music enabled phones etc. All one needs to do is to slip it out of the storage space and the broadcast starts. The clarity and the range are immensely amazing which gets a boost by the 360 degree surround sound. It’s a good company when one is looking for a break after a hard day’s night! Add to this the long battery life all one can say is let the music play!

Here comes a ring jewelry which is stylish and modern, having the potential future in material science. This ring is highly compact and smart because it consists of magnetic and decorative material with advanced technology. There is a display on this ring that shows you the time, your personal calendar data and also acts as a beautiful jewelry. The device grasps 1710 sphere that can be turned into every direction. So, I guess the designer has given its best to make the jewelry useful as well as stylish at the same time.

This is a G1 phone designed for Google by two San Francisco designers, Mike and Maaike. This is a unique phone using the Google’s open source operating system called as Android. The handset is quite stylish and has a 3.2 inch touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. This phone also incorporates a compass that helps you to navigate Google maps by turning the phone. G1 is produced by Taiwanese manufacturers HTC and is also available on T-mobile. The only advantage or unique thing that this device has is the ease of Google into a mobile phone.

Have you ever thought of installing a waterbirth vessel which looks way more comfortable than a bathtub? Well, this Waterbirth Vessel is specially designed by Darling Dushinka for to-be-moms and it comes with adjustable seat, massing jets, overhead bars and supports and a shotgun seat for the daddy-to-be. In addition, this tub features a waterfall model to entertain the mother. A gentle lighting system is also incorporated. You can surely plan to have a safe and big hot tub party at your residence with this Waterbirth Vessel. Overall, the concept looks great and if improved with other health check facilities, it would really put birthing moms at easiness.

Issued from QUO, the laboratory and concept brand of the industrial agency Sequoia-Studio, E-note is a conceptual project which is exploring what could be the future of the reminder. E-note is using the tactile and flexible electronic paper technology, and is powered by a solar captor. E-note can be stuck, and unstuck, easily and durably, with special “Gecko” glue, inspired by nature and the lizard of the same name. E-note is coming with a visual alarm function, 8 possible colors of message display and can be used many many times.

This can be one of the most incredible cars you might have seen recently. Venturi Volage is a fully electric roadster that boasts 295 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque. Volage is indeed a head-turner with plenty of unbelievable features such as Active Wheel Technology that empowers each wheel with a significant amount of additional control over the vehicle. This concept is planned for 2012 but because of the impressive looks who doesn’t want to be the driver and master of this unleashed man made wonder. To sum up, Venturi Volage is a wonderfully crafted speed car concept that definitely deserves success and fame.

This sleek design is inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. It is world’s lightest digital cash register known as The EPOS-lite. This amazing device is used for use in hospitality stores and is a combination of compact cash register and built-in menu. It helps in saving your time and business reprinting new menu data. There is built-in food and drink menu with payment options. Not only this, it comes with wireless charging via table it is kept upon. EPOS-lite will not take much of your space on the table and your store will definitely look modern by having this device.

There truthfully cannot be anything more striking to look at, decadent to use, and spiteful to own than an AQ Hayon bathtub. Your bathroom no longer required to be only a place where you spend a rushed few minutes every morning getting ready for your work. Instead, now you have a beautiful bathroom with AQ Hayon bathtub that can prove to be your personal haven and a complete stress buster. This bathtub has sleek black and white lines that are irresistible. It is practically a must have for luxurious bathroom retreats. If you are thinking of creating the perfect retreat, an exotic bathtub like this is what it has to be!

Having been spotted in various leaks before now, it comes as little surprise to see Motorola officially announce their latest Android smartphone, the Motorola CHARM.  Due to arrive on T-Mobile USA this summer, the CHARM has a 2.8-inch touchscreen with a full QWERTY keyboard underneath; it runs Android 2.1 with the latest iteration of Motorola’s MOTOBLUR social networking aggregation.

Screaming and crying, saying ‘NO’ thousands of times when children are doing an X-Ray is quite usual since even though there are no use of a needle or scissor, children are still frightened to enter the X-Ray room due to the giant imaging machine and overall environment of the cool dark room. Neo-X is an innovative X-Ray machine concept that has been specially designed with ergonomic shape and handy functionalities to be completely kid-friendly. This compact X-Ray equipment can be moved at any location conveniently and features a rising hand with movable facility to ensure easy and quick imaging. Due to the reduced exam duration and decrease of stress and anxiety of the patient, Neo-X can do increased amount of tests per day.

A new HP 11.6-inch ultraportable, the Pavilion dm1z series, has gone up for sale at the company’s estore, based on AMD’s Neo processors and offering up to 7hrs of battery life.  The HP Pavilion dm1z is a variant of the dm1 updated with AMD Vision technology back in May; it has up to 5GB of DDR3 memory, up to 500GB HDD/128GB SSD, and optional mobile broadband.

Hope you still remember Flutter, the Prop Master’s Choice Award winning mobile phone design of 3rd Design of the Future Competition by LG Mobile Phone. Yeah I am talking about the phone that gave you an impression of being able to unfold like a blooming flower. When being folded, the phone features a sleek and unique look with a combination of glossy number pad and matt finished body that provides great comfort to the users when holding. The front surface comprises an analog watch and a logo of LG, which actually holds the camera underneath. When unfolded, a beautiful touch screen reveals that can scroll radically and comprises all the controls and functions to enable users interacting with the phone and perform various tasks.

Lenovo pulled the wraps off a new all in one computer in Japan today called the IdeaCentre A310. The new AIO machine has a nice large 21.5-inch LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The AIO is also very thin with a 18.5mm thick design.

SHADE is a lamp shade that has been designed in an innovative way to act as the lamp itself. It brings a new lifestyle to an iconic form with a tuxedo-like formal appearance. The shade incorporates 28 bulbs fitted on its edge along with stainless steel button head cap that screwed with the silver studs and cuff links. This brilliant lamp shade is a low voltage fixture that uses aircraft aluminum body in order to conduct electricity to the highly efficient 12V/10W, high color rendering and long life Xenon Festoon bulbs. SHADE is available in three different meticulously finished colors with catalyzed acrylic enamel: white, torch red and silver metallic. Moreover, it can be dimmed fully and comes with magnetic transformer located remotely or in the included canopy which can be mounted easily to a standard junction box.

Inspired by the brass monkey used on ships to stack cannonballs is this flexible rubber mat called the Fridge Monkey. It’s designed with ridges to hold beverage bottles and cans into place, so that you can build a steady pyramid out of them. The clever little design works well with almost any bottled or canned drink. The only problem I foresee is that homes like mine don’t allow for bottles to be in the fridge for so long, they get consumed as soon as they are bought! So building bottles pyramids is out of the question.

Diesel DZ9044 is a seemingly faceless concept wristwatch that can confuse the innocent bystanders with its extraordinary appearance. But this useful gadget is able to provide time for 4 different time zones at a time with the duel dials both side. This stainless steel wristwatch is a futuristic apparatus that will let the users to keep track of their activities in 4 different places with different time zone. This timepiece would especially handy when the users want to secretly have a glance on it without letting others know your impatience. The watch will be available in two different colors, black and silver, and the price has been set $365 each.

Projectors are indispensable when you have to show a formal presentation in front of business associates and most of the projectors are large and heavy weight. Hence most of the times for outdoor business presentations you need to rely on the rented projectors. But this problem can be easily solved with the Pygmy Portable Projector. This is a tiny device which looks quite compact and usable. The projector is classic black in color and the buttons feature shades of Grey. There is a white knob at the front which depicts a floral pattern. You can carry it along with you on any long or short trip.

Dubai seems to be gearing up for a new kind of unity which shall be bracing its skylines in the coming years. ‘The three graces’ as it is named, is the project designed by NOX Lars Spuybroek which is underway right now, is a family of three towers interconnected by footbridge. The design inspired by the firth forth bridge in Scotland, is aimed to act as a bridge or gate for the passing ships that touch the harbor or camped at the harbor where it is located. And even the interiors facing the sea leads to a breathtaking view beyond any doubt.

As they say, if the music be a way of life then; play on! The new MP3 concept by the Lisbon based Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira is simply mind blowing in the true sense. This user friendly music device signifies complete freedom from wires. Yup it’s just you and the device. The overall design is simply amazing with soft surfaces and the sleek and extra slim look complete with a pair of wireless headsets. And one can say that it’s in true sense freedom, as you have a humongous 20 GB memory to go by, which means that one never runs out of music literally!

Gensler or the new Shanghai tower coming up in China being developed in the Shanghai’s Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone will be a marvelous structure once it is completed. Slated to open in 2014, this structure will be a par of the financial center in China. The sky craper in all consists of nine cylindrical buildings stacked on top of one another with an overall cover draping the building into one unit. The building will be the tallest tower in China. The structure will see a mixed use for houses, business, cafes and restaurants. It is modern and eco-friendly completed with rain water harvesting module. It is surely going to be a tower worth waiting for.

The new rain water harvesting and sports stadium storage design by Australian designer Chris Buerckner can be said to be innovative product in all respects. He has named it as Watree which looks like an umbrella placed upside down also acts as a shade in the rain. The rain water gets accumulated and is stored in it tank underground as these can be placed on areas away from the playing surface, the water stored can be used to sustain the stadium during the summer months through series of underground pipes. A practical and a self sufficient solution in these crunching times!

Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil recently had a mansion constructed for their family in Florida. This new project costed the couple $20million (£13.9million) and a lot of neighborhood racket. An aquatic wonderland, this 9,825 square feet home is also located in the proximity of the ocean. Its exact location is on Jupiter Island, where some of the wealthiest stars live. The miniature water park includes two pools, two water slides and a small river with a generated current in order to carry the water around, which makes the total water amount needed for the system to work equal to 500,000 gallons. Apparently the construction of the house brought some serious complains from the community, as the construction of this system led to a drought on the island. The residence houses eight bedrooms, an underground garage, a large wardrobe and a gym. We are looking forward to your impressions on this post.

There are plenty of watches out there. And there’s definitely quite a few watches out there that have graced this page for all sorts of reasons — but there’s always that tech angle. Tokyo Flash has become pretty much synonymous with crazy, gadget-like watches, but this new design from thumbsUp! is awesome in the fact that it gives us the best of both worlds. That’s right, if you want to actually tell the time without the hassle of figuring out your watch, then this new watch can do that. But, that’s not all.

Motion Code: Blue is an industrial design studio which emphasis on yacht design. Now they have extended their areas of operation to another design discipline: they offer architectural concepts and their development until the implementation planning. The Taiwan Shipyard is their latest creation. The design has been developed on an existing u-shaped hall and production building for yachts. The task from its customer was to add an office building, green, and recreational spaces as well as a contemporary European architecture inspired showroom. Another part of the briefing was that the building should have landmark-like characteristics. The office building was designed in such a way, that not only it closes the u-shaped halls optically, but also adds a floating appearance to the whole building. The office building has been designed to house VIP areas, meeting rooms, offices for employees and CEOs, terraces, a yoga room and language course facilities. The whole structure is supported by 2 infrastructure cores and columns, this part of the yard is both remarkable and functional.

James Dyson isn’t the only one who can do unusual things with fan blades; Australian design student Benjamin McMahon has just won an award for his Ribbon Ceiling Fan, which not only looks far more impressive than a regular fan but is far more efficient.  The helical loop moves air faster than standard blades, as well as spreading it out across the room rather than pushing it directly down.

Being a hearing impaired would never come across enjoying the beats and rhythms of Sakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ with AudioSense XM headphone, an innovative idea of not only enabling people with less hearing power enjoying music, also helps preventing the potential damage of ears that may arise through using headphones. I guess you already know why there is a big hole at the place where usual headphone contains the speaker for each ear. Yes, you are absolutely right, these holes make room for the hearing aids and also reduce the distortion of sound. The compact, lightweight and stylish backpack enhances the feel of music through particular vibrations for both base and treble. Another component of the concept is the user interface with a huge touchscreen LCD display that changes colors and images per music and provides various handy information and guidelines for enjoying comprehensive music.

Designer Natasha Romanova’s LED Lamp promises to illuminate any part of your home. The unique design of her lamp is suffused with utmost simplicity and immense functionality. The lamp design derives inspiration from pegs normally used to hold clothes on a dry line. These pegs made from waterproof recyclable plastic are fitted with 6- LED lams and two rechargeable batteries charged from the wireless charger in a shape of a tree. Apt for use under wet or cold conditions each peg can be turned on or off attached to any surface for lighting. Each peg can work for up to 4-5 hours after 30-40 minutes of single recharge. The lamp’s exclusive design which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor activities certainly deserves a thorough applaud.

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