Case Study1: After giving a lot of effort, doing several editing on the paper according to time-to-time requirements, John, the chief editor of a printing agency, went to his client’s office to submit the final design. His client was very much satisfied with the job but wanted to change only few words here and there. John had to get back to his office, do the one minute editing, print the copy and submit it again driving an hour to the client’s office.


If you love flowers or a green lawn, if you like your vegetables green, not in colour but in health, the Eco-Drop is the perfect gardener for you. The device is a sustainable gardening system that utilizes the benefits of Earthworms. The designer, Seung Kim, thought about the idea while reading a newspaper article regarding underground water contamination due to chemical fertilizers. This water saving gardener system with worm-juice. The Eco-Drop system is designed to streamline the currently complicated process of using the worm-juice as a fertilizer. It promotes a safer and sustainable way to nurture plants and vegetables in people’s lawns and gardens. The system includes a worm compost bin, a feed tank, and compatible irrigation systems: includes a sprinkler with a spike, and an oscillating sprinkler, that connects to a standard garden hose.

Here is an interesting and very cool idea for some bookcase extra storage space. “Plus One” comes from Matthias Ries and it has a fresh and youthful feel. This unusual shelving addition is not only functional, but also surprisingly sleek. It can help improve the look of a dull bookcase and it can also emphasize on those books or magazines one considers special. An the same time, it makes them a lot easier to access. “Plus One” could also be used for storing CDs, pencils and so on. This cool shelving extension comes in a walnut or maple finish, which makes it pretty exclusive. There is also a knitted “decorative” element available, in order to connect the addition to the shelves. What’s your opinion? Could this item really be useful?

eMachines has announced a new home theater PC that is small and looks surprisingly attractive for an eMachines system. The new PC is called the Mini-e ER1402 SFF desktop and is about the size and weight of a small book.

Each year, a million cases of cancer in the large intestine (or colon) occur all around the world. Quite a number of patients have surgery, but afterwards there is much physical and mental pain to be endured – by both patients and nurses. Colon cancer patients need to be nursed with a great deal of care and delicacy, and the most difficult care period is the week after the surgery. Angel Wings assists nurses during this difficult period.The designers of Angel Wings,Kim Do-Heon, Lee Byung-Joon, Park Ji-Eun, Roh Gina, spent a lot of time observing a patient who underwent surgery for colon cancer. They gained a deep understanding of the patient’s experience, analyzed the inconveniences felt, and considered what could be provided to make the patient more comfortable.

For some weird reason, we have adopted a common perception that a formal chair always has to be formal, I mean, stiff, tough and non-flexible, something that only can be sit on and do the regular tasks. Spring rider lounge chair concept has been designed to turn an office environment into a more enjoyable and fashionable one by featuring a sleek and chic appearance and comfortable qualities. Two embossed aluminum sheet, being welded together and polished and tinted, forms the outer shell. 

Bluetooth connectivity is ubiquitous today with cars, computers, and game consoles all sporting the connectivity option. Despite how common Bluetooth is in consumer products, there are still a number thin and cheap notebooks and netbooks that ship lacking Bluetooth.

As a child of the 80, you can bet I watched Tron enough times to wear out the old VHS. I love that movie and blew more than a few weeks’ allowance playing the arcade game at the corner gas station. With the new Tron flick set to launch soon there are all manner of new toys and other items coming to market to rekindle those childhood memories.

Razer has a couple Tron gaming peripherals coming to market, and they are very cool the accessories include the Tron: Legacy gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard. The mouse is a 5600 dpi unit with a 3.5g gaming grade sensor.

That slick keyboard is festooned with programmable keys, macro recording capabilities, and a detachable number pad like the Microsoft SideWinder X6. Naturally, the peripherals will have glowing blue stripes. Pricing is set for $79 to $139 and availability is unknown.

We’ve been banging on about Kleer and their CD quality Bluetooth-busting audio technology for ages now, and so it’s good to see it trickle through into more mainstream platforms.  Mercedes has announced that Kleer-based audio systems will be used in its 2010 E-Class and S-Class cars, offering a choice of two audio streams from in-headrest LCD displays.

It’s probably not an issue to most people, considering if you get a Sony-branded 3D-enabled HDTV, then you’d expect Sony’s 3D glasses to work with them. And, the same goes for any other 3D TV out there. But, what if you know a lot of people, with a lot of different brands of 3D HDTVs? You need to put on a different pair of 3D glasses all the time, and that could get pretty annoying after awhile. Thanks to Monster, we don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Students get another netbook options designed for them from HP. The HP Mini 100e Netbook is a 10-inch netbook powered by an Atom N455 processor and comes in a lightweight design. You can be sure that HP will preload education-friendly softwareto the netbook. There’s a light indicator which will turn on when the netbook connected to internet, you know, to let the teacher knows what the students doing in the class. Unfortunately HP Mini 100e didn’t adopt swivel display design while its hard drive also has no shock protection. The brightside for these is that HP able to offer the 100e with more affordable price. Yep, expected price for HP Mini 100e is below $300.

ColorWare is pretty notorious for doing custom paint jobs for your favorite gadgets. iPads and mobile phones, things like that. They were well known for their color-throwing ways, but notorious for the price tags that went along with it. And when they added HDTVs to their list of things that could be colored, eyebrows were raised. But now, well, we’re speechless.

Verizon, Motorola and Google have officially announced the DROID X, the latest Android smartphone and something of a multimedia powerhouse.  Powered by a 1GHz processor, the DROID X has 8GB of ROM, a 4.3-inch 854 x 480 capacitive touchscreen and will come with a 16GB microSD card preloaded for a total of 24GB storage; that’s useful, as the phone also has an 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording.

If you’ve ever stared angrily at your 27-inch iMac and asked what – beyond OS X – it’s ever done for you, then Belkin’s new AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter may be just the ticket.  The converter box is capable of taking in an HDMI input – such as from a games console, set-top box or Blu-ray player – and outputting it in through a Mini DisplayPort connector.

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They sold it right away and immediately asked me to make a doll and other items
There are hundreds of stories about ambitious people who quit their jobs to start businesses in their garages, worked 80-hour weeks, sold their companies and wound up rich. This isn't one of them.

Instead, this is about the growing number of average people who are spending their leisure hours selling hobbies and services on home computers and the Internet. With full-time salaries stretched thin and the cost of necessities rising, more people are looking for low-risk ways to earn extra income.

"The Web is a great place to shop and spend money, but it's pretty great for making money too," says Joanne Pratt, a Dallas-based adviser to the Small Business Administration on at-home commerce.

More than half of all small businesses are based at home, according to the SBA. "Computers, Internet access, cell-phone technology and simplified web-page design software have all become cheaper and faster in recent years, making it easier to launch some type of at-home enterprise without sinking a lot of money into it," says Simon Yates, senior analyst at Forrester Research.

Most people who run an at-home business use a desktop computer, connect to the Internet and live in a household where the average annual income is $65,000, reports Forrester. To manage the extra cash, many entrepreneurs are using accounting software programs for small businesses, such as Intuit's QuickBooks line, which generated revenue of $654 million last year -- a jump of nearly 100 percent since 2000.

"If you're the slightest bit entrepreneurial, you can reach large numbers of consumers instantly over the Internet, while key-word searches at Google let consumers reach you just as quickly," says Pratt. "The Web is an amazing marketplace." How can you turn your PC into a cash machine? It's easier than you think:

How often do you forget your cellphone at home? How often do you misplace it and how long does it take until you find it again? How many phones have you lost in public places? Well, the answer to this questions for many of us is “a lot”, so it’s time to solve this using the Samsung Proxima.


In a world where people appreciate good design everywhere, cool mini hotel rooms are the latest ‘it’ trend. In Tokyo, the  Capsule Inn exemplifies the bare-essentials hotel rooms for brief use, and similar concepts are popping up at airports, train stations and downtowns around the world, replacing and mimicking the “day rooms” already existing at many airports.

If Batman is proud to be a owner of a car that can split into becoming a motorbike, you can also have the same self-righteous through Lightweight concept, a lightweight futuristic car that features the ability of transforming the rear wheels into two segway bikes, which is higher than the number of bikes Batman’s car can be. The key point of the car, being lightweight, has been achieved by comprising two parallel side panels and a combination of several cross panels. The cutting-edge design of the car is no less exciting at all than that of Batman, to some extent; it will be more alluring and acceptable to the users with its unique and realistic form. To sustain on the future condition when fuel would be a vital lacking, this concept car has been designed with maximum energy efficiency.

Located in a fascinating natural environment in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Casa en el Bosue (or “the House in the Forrest”) comes from Parque Humano, an architecture company with a very captivating portfolio. This beautiful home is so perfectly integrated in the surrounding landscape and so elegantly camouflaged that it seems it has always been there. More information on the residence from the architects: “Two pavilions, unequal in size, are set in front of the pool area. The first and biggest one contains the living and dining spaces, kitchen and a working studio. The second one: two bedrooms. Each pavilion was carefully placed on the site, incorporating all the existing trees into the program and facing the most important views.Visitors are received under the protection of a steel enclosure, entering through a small door that leads to the living room, thereby emphasizing the contrast between the closed nature of the entrance and the full openness of the living spaces and the valley itself.”     

Ever imagined a horse is riding on you? Sorry for such a weird start but to state the functionalities of TITAN Highroller, I really couldn’t think of anything else. This travel suitcase can carry you which is quite controversial than the usual scenario of people getting exhausted carrying their heavy bags. The initial look may give you an impression of a usual travel bag but when the user turn it into a kickbike by pulling out the footrest, you certainly will get amazed. The bag is made of durable and ultra-light materials to give it maximum mobility and comprises an ergonomic handle that can be helpful for the users to keep balance. Moreover, it includes a special external compartment for a laptop that allows user to take out or put it in easily. This innovative concept has been designed to become a buddy of business people who has to frequently travel by airplane, giving a comfortable and stylish alternative to reach to the next gate of the immigration process or going to the snacks shop. 

I know, I want one too. I don’t think there is a living soul out there who wouldn’t want one. This amazing phone has all the functions of a contemporary phone such as: mobility, constant Internet connection, access to documents, games and the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. But these are just basic features. The most important feature is, that you can create your own phone case, fully customizable, painted with pictures you pick from the Internet, you can create the phone of your dream, a brand to call your own. With the “Magic Stone” each customer will be able to feel himself a creator and to see a real embodiment of it’s creation. Year after year the need of self-expression is growing.

This may not be your idea of a home but it is bold and fun, and it has certainly attracted wide media attention. The 8,500 square-foot Casa Son Vida is a cooperation between three powerhouses: Luxury residential developer Cosmopolitan Estates, eclectic Dutch designer and founder of Mooi, Marcel Wanders,, and award-winning Los Angeles, Switzerland and Hong Kong-based tecARCHITECTURE.

Projectors still exist, and they’re not just for the education market, or sports bar. They’re perfectly suitable for your living room, where you can indulge in a wall-full of your favorite video game, if you so desire. But, we understand that there’s just something gratifying about showing everyone you know your brand new HDTV. But, what if you could get all of that for the same price, roughly, but have so much more space to work with?

While the big news of E3 keeps some, if not most of us busy, there’s always the other companies out there who are trying to elbow their way into the spotlight. We’ve already shown you some wires that make us want to give up wireless, so now we’ll go ahead and bring you some gaming headphones from SteelSeries that we wouldn’t mind putting on our heads right now. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the SteelSeries Spectrum 4xb and 5xb.

This is the “Wash Lamp,” as designed by Alex Kovatchev. Can you guess by just peeking at the first image here what it’s made out of? That’s right! it’s the drum from a washing machine! That part, you know, where you put all the clothing in? That’s a big barrel with holes in it. And where the water goes in and out when there’s washing, now light moves to and fro in the free world! And the best part is, there’s three different lamps here, all made of recycled stuff.

More detailed specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet is surface at tinhte.com, a vietnamese site. The tablet will not be called Galaxy Tab anymore but Galaxy Tape instead. Samsung Galaxy Tape tablet will comes with a 7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and running Android 2.2 Froyo OS with TouchWiz 3.0 UI. Galaxy Tab is powered by a 1.2GHz A8 processor, 16GB of internal storage and a MicroSD card slot which capable to handle 32GB card. Galaxy Tape will arrive with a 4,000 mAh battery and its weight will be just 0.8 pound. This Samsung’s tablet is expected to be availablethis September.

AGAiT is planning to release its Android tablets dubbed AGAiT Vento this year. In case you don’t know yet, AGAiT is a subsidiary of Asus. So these tablets mustbe just re-branded version of Asus’s tablet. right ? Wrong!, AGAiT has its own tablet design and not only one but several tablet models will be released by the end of this year.AGAiT Vento will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. No more detail available at the moment.

Maybe you think that only TokyoFlash company designs the most incredible watches, but the truth is that this “analog” watch created by a spanish designer is a really nice piece of design. Far from other weird designs looking for extravagant, weird and complicated ways of showing the time, the Koko Muo show the time in an alternative plain and elegant way and it’s made entirely in titanium. The outer ring displays the minutes in a semicircle and the inner ring displays the hours with a broader semicircle that also shows the a.m. hours with a different color from the p.m. hours. In short, a simple and stylish watch that resembles a bit the speedometers of the sport cars and offers you a unique way of checking time in an “analog” watch without giving you headaches.

“I know it sounds kind of odd, but I strongly believe it is the future of product design” When the designer himself comments on his own concept in this way, what do you expect me to write? One thing for sure is, this might be the weirdest and the most unique concept I’ve ever written about.
Runner-up at the International Human Powered Vehicles Competition, the “Amphibike” as indicated by its name is an amphibious vehicle that harnesses human energy to allow an eco-friendly drive. Conceived by designer Andreu Carulla, the quad-based human powered vehicle moves on the road and beach sand as well as water with equal efficiency, enhancing the driving experience of the rider. Ideal for lifeguards or beach rescuers, the Amphibike can help in quick rescue operations during emergencies.

GenosTV isn’t a name that most of us will recognize, but the company is working on a cool product for the TV. The device is called the Cyclops and it’s a round universal controller that has all the functions you expect on a remote control and more.

You get your keys to change channel and control your DVR, Blu-ray, and other devices. You also get a small QWERTY keyboard that is designed to let you enter text much faster. The product is now entering the manufacturing process in China according to GenosTV.

Samsung has outed a pair of new Android-powered smartphones, the Galaxy 3 I5800 and the Galaxy 5 I5500.  The Galaxy 5 has a compact 2.8-inch QVGA display, making for one of the smallest Android devices around, with dualband 3G (900/2100), a 2-megapixel fixed-focus camera with LED flash, WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.  Meanwhile the Galaxy 3 has a 3.2-inch WQVGA display, 3G, a 3-megapixel autofocus camera, WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0.

Samsung’s final new phones for today pick up the not-long-for-this-world Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, with the Samsung Omnia Pro 4 B7350 and Samsung Omnia Pro 5 B6520 each toting full QWERTY keyboards and, on the Pro 4, a touchscreen too.  The Omnia Pro 4 has dualband (900/2100) 3G, a 2.62-inch 320 x 320 touchscreen and a 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera, while the Omnia Pro 5 has triband (900/1900/2100) 3G, a 2.4-inch 320 x 240 display and a 2-megapixel camera.

Samsung had always promised that the Wave S8500 would be just the first of several bada devices, and now the second and third smartphones based on the platform have arrived.  The Samsung Wave 2 S5250 and Samsung Wave 2 Pro S5330 are more affordable versions of the original bada phone, each with a 3.2-inch WQVGA LCD display (rather than the Wave’s Super AMOLED), no 3G (EDGE max) and a 3-megapixel camera.  The Wave 2 Pro also gets a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Within minutes of the iPhone 4 announcement yesterday, iLuv had announced that it had a full line of accessories to go along with the handset. The new line of accessories includes a series of cases along with screen protectors for the device. All of the gear will land in June with prices ranging from $14.99 to $49.99.

“Endlesstime”, as the name suggests, is a never ending watch designed to represent the endless quality of time. The design is quite simple and clean for any user. The watch is made up of semi-transparent plastic which can be straightened if not tied up on your wrist. The watch is very flexible due to the magnets concealed in the band and it can easily fit on any wrist comfortably. Designer has given a twist in the middle of the watch for reminding the symbol of hourglass. The twist also shows the division of the hour and minute displayed on the clock. Also, there is no need for batteries as the clock receives satellite signals and automatically tunes the watch as per current time zone.
I already mentioned this morning that iLuv had unveiled its full line of iPhone 4 accessories yesterday. Belkin is now unveiling its full line of iPhone 4 accessories as well and it’s massive. Belkin will offer no less than 20 accessories for the iPhone 4 smartphone.

The cases will include multiple units in the Grip family with and without straps and in different colors and patterns at $24.99 to $29.99. The Grip Vue case is the one you see pictured above. Belkin will also have a line of Shield cases with shock and impact resistance with minimal extra bulk ranging from $24.99 to $29.99.

Voglreiter Auto Residence belongs to designer Markus Voglreiter and falls into our category of incredible design. The unusual car-home is located near Salzburg, Austria- unfortunately, although it looks like a house on wheels, it is not mobile. The architect came up with this idea after noticing the potential a 70’s style house had to offer and completely turned it around. It may look small, but this compact house doesn’t lack any of the comfort that comes with a common looking residence. Voglreiter accommodates two generations of families in two separate portions of the “vehicle”. Moreover, the project features sustainable technologies and energy saving systems. We think it would be very interesting to see how the “car” is lined up with all the other homes, creating an enormous contrast.  

This nextgen bed for the intesive-care unit in hospitals is designed to solve many problems of the current beds, easing the job of hospital staff and improving the lives of the patients during their stay. It’s created to free the room from cables by offering a single touch screen to show all the data and also a foot-operated interface panel to enable hands-free operation. The bed is able to be set into nearly any position and inclination, with a special interest in the seat position, makes it easier to get in and out of the bed for the patient and prevents certain complications with the ventilation. The bed is also equipped with many handles that allow it to be guided, pushed and pulled easily, making it a perfect bed for driving it through the sometimes narrow and crowded corridors of a hospital. 

The designer, Dan Bishop, found a solution for crowded hospitals with lack of medical staff. The Vital Monitoring System allows the medical staff to remotely view the vital signs of the patient under their care without having to be in the same location. The device helps the doctors care for more patients than normal. This amazing device is easy to carry around as it can be strapped on the wrist of the patient, and it is designed to check the body temperature, the pulse rate and the blood pressure. The data is transferred wirelessly to a digital chart for later review and access.

The concept design today is not just restricted to the ones running on the road but designers today are coming up with exciting designs for both modes of transportation, be it on air or on water. These also include the designs aimed for leisure and pleasure, on these lines come the “Jetbike” designed by San Francisco based designer Norio Fulikawa. The concept looks hot as it can be said to be the racing bike of water because it is aerodynamically designed and has an awesome exhaust pipe and two fins to support its surge forward. All in all an awesome concept!

Cool Drive transportation design by Chinese designer Robin Wang is what he developed for mode of transportation for the future. The vehicle is quite practical as it is single-seater. It is made from complex fiber material, which provides complete safety to the driver by using brand new shock proof techniques wherein the impact on the body is directly transported to the wheels. The vehicle is shaped in the form of egg, which is another safety factor and has a front entry with a comfortable seating for the driver. By looks of it, surely it seems to be a cool drive as it can easily zip across the street in no time and also will not occupy much parking space.

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