You know you’ve got to hang your clothes up when you want to attain full fashion victory, right? Well you DO. And to do it, you’ve got to have the most flight-ready hangers. There is only one way. The “Hangar” hanger from Chetan Sorab. It’s shaped like an airplane. Inspired from early World War aircraft, made mostly for kids, but also for me, because I love it.

90% Magnetic Scissors is an awesome tool for folks who go snip-snip all day. The scissor-head houses power-magnets in their internal seam, which uses the repel action to cut an easy snip. A good thing is that you can change the poles at the flick of a button, to keep the blades locked into place. Apparently 90% of the force used for cutting is sourced from the magnetic power, and 10% comes from your end. Easy cut-cut I say!

We can’t say we were overwhelmingly convinced with Samsung’s bada smartphone OS back when we reviewed the Wave S8500, the handset’s high-end specs doing most of the wowing, so we’ll be interested to see how a more affordable model fares.  Samsung has just outed the Wave 723 (GT-S7320E), apparently intended to further “democritize” the smartphone market, with a 3.2-inch WQVGA LCD display, 5-megapixel camera and dualband UMTS/HSPA.

This is disgusting, funny as hell, and cool all rolled into one. Plus the designer of this concept dubbed X-Runner has a sense of humor too, even if it is pretty gross. The concept is a toilet that uses number two to make power. The picture is just too funny to not write this story AND to doubly ensure than the concept appeals to the 12-year-old in me the associated Youtube flick is called Shitfilm. How can I pass this up?

A concept design for the baby market, in which the device in question transforms from one thing to another, isn’t all that new. The true-blue design has to come from somewhere, right? And while many cribs out there change from their original model to a toddler bed, and sometimes even beyond, a stroller tends to stay a stroller more often than not. So you’ll have to welcome the Babyoom into the baby circle; it’s designed to carry your baby in the traditional stroller, and then become something a lot more furn for them later in life.

Eco studio is a house nestled in nature’s lap. Designed by Australian architecture studio Arkit, the house is a prefabricated modular dwelling. Constructed from sustainably harvested western red cedar and hoop pine, the Eco studio is spread in just 50 m square. The house has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space and an adaptable services hub. Its multi compartmental wall panels provide insulation and rigidity. It is also equipped with water saving technologies in order to reduce the environmental impact. The Eco studio has been constructed as part of Melbourne’s annual state of design festival to host several events.

Who else would like to have a flying eagle like cell phone with ultimate style and functionality? Eugene Kim has designed this great concept phone with duel screen just like that of Nintendo DS, however, those of LG Eagle Phone are superbly touch sensitive. When the phones is flipped out, it looks like an eagle with wide wings spread out open, however, appearance of the phone is equally stylish when it is folded on. These dual multi-touch screens give users unparalel gaming experience while playing various dynamic games. The outer surface also features control buttons that enables the user to operate the phone without even flipping it. The phone was designed to participate on the LG electronic design competition for US region during 2010, however, it hasn’t been selected as the finalist.

Krawitz Architecture projected this unique house with a second skin made with bamboo in Bessancourt, near Paris, France.
The house is closed to the north to limit heat loss and opened to the south benefitting from free solar energy. Aesthetically, it is an abstract replica of a traditional house.


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